A new friend asked to  see my bikes, so here they are. 

As you can see, two of them are identical: 1996 Trek 470 Fast Track. The first is the one with the brown bar tape. I bought it from a friend who found it at a thrift store and restored it to good-as-new.

The second, with the white bar tape, I found parked at Melbourne’s Federation Square recently. I left the owner a note, and they replied, offering to sell it to me. So of course, I snapped it up. I’d never before seen another of my bike, and with the fact that it’s the same size as my existing bike (54cm), I just had to make it mine.

I call them T1 and T2. 

T1 will be kept as a handsome commuter, and T2 will be transformed into a long-distance workout bike. Technically I’d be better off buying a light new bike, but I love the idea of turning this old steely into something to be admired among the Saturday morning peloton. Gotta turn myself into that, too… 

The Masi is a bike I scored for free, after a motorcyclist rode into the back of me on my Trek and crushed my rear wheel. He had no insurance, so he offered me his Masi as payment for what he assumed was a ruined bike. Thankfully, my Trek was saved, and I scored the Masi too. Not a bad result. 

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